The surplus store has a drive through window for pick up

The very first marijuana outlet opened up in the town next to mine and I was very excited to shop there. The place even has a drive through window so you can order online and drive through to pick everything up. I was really excited to see what type of products were available at the marijuana outlet. I didn’t know what I would find, but I looked at the website first. One of the best products that were available were live rosin vape pods. The live resin vape pods are normally $50 each but they were only $35 at the outlet. I also found a lot of different flower products. Most of the flower was indoor grown. The prices were higher than I expected, but I found a few really good deals while I was looking. I picked up several eighths of marijuana for only $5 each and a couple of quarters that were only $10 each. There were a lot of pre-rolls available at the outlet store too. Mostly they had pre-roll packages. I got a 7 pack of pre rolls that were 1 gram each and it only cost me $15. I enjoyed looking at all of the sales and specials at the outlet store, but I honestly thought they would have more products available. The outlet really only has about 100 different items available and most of the dispensaries around here have 500 or 600 items. If I want something special, I can get it out the outlet but otherwise I have to go to a regular marijuana dispensary near me.



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