420 celebrations were lackluster

My friend Ed and I were looking forward to all of the 420 celebrations this year, and we decided to spend the whole day in the city where there are more marijuana dispensaries, however there is only 1 marijuana dispensary which is close to the site where Ed and I live, however Ed and I knew that Ed and I would get much better deals and savings by going to the city.

I believed that Ed and I were going to end up with a lot of free stuff like t-shirts, pins, hats, and pre-rolls! The previous year, Ed and I went to the city and my pal and I got a bunch of stuff for free.

I was undoubtedly disappointed this year, because many of the 420 celebrations were lackluster. They didn’t supply much free stuff and no one had early day doorbuster specials. It was worse than a weak Black Sunday sales event. The only fantastic deal that my friends and I found all day long was at a marijuana shop with 50% off my number one fave infused marijuana pre-rolls. The 50% sale was the only fantastic thing there, however there were tons of people lined up to take advantage of the sale on infused marijuana pre- rolls, Ed and I purchased many unusual flavors and varieties. When my pal and I were done at the dispensary, Ed and I found a site nearby to smoke one of the infused marijuana pre-rolls, and at the end of the day, Ed and I looked at everything that my pal and I scored. Ed and I only had free items from half of the sites. I know my friends were equally disappointed with the haul.

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