Baking a cake while stoned high was really difficult

Sunday was my only day off and I was home by myself most of the day.

My fiance Jennifer had to go to the office at 8:00 AM and he was not due to get home until 5:00 p.m. or so. I had to find something fun to keep myself busy. I went to the store early in the day and I bought all of the stuff that was on the grocery list. I bought milk, bread, eggs, and pet food. I also bought a cake mix from the baking aisle. I pondered making a cake to take to the poker game that night. I got a green cake mix and a package of chocolate fudge icing. When I got home after going to the grocery store, I decided to smoke a hogleg marijuana joint. I rolled up a marijuana joint with one of my number one sativa strains, Purple Haze. The buds were thick and dense, because the hazy marijuana strain that I had was a top shelf product. I could smell the buds as soon as I disaffixed the top from the package. I smoked the entire marijuana joint by myself and I was really high. I tried to bake that cake after smoking a marijuana joint and it was unquestionably difficult. I could not recall if I added all of the ingredients and I forgot to put eggs into the cake mix. I could not suss out why the cake looked terrible. I did my best to remember all of the ingredients. When I realized that I forgot to add any eggs, I knew exactly why the cake looked terrible.

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