Delivery services were suspended for cannabis

One of the local delivery drivers for the marijuana dispensary was held up at gunpoint on Sunday night as he was trying to deliver cannabis products to a cabin nearby.

  • Since then delivery services have been suspended until further notice.

I tried to contact the shop on Sunday morning to get my official regular delivery and the guy on the phone told me that the shop was no longer offering deliveries. I did not know anything at all about the problem with the driver until I asked the director for more detail. I had been ordering delivery from the marijuana shop for the past 6 months with no concerns. The store director told me about the problem with the robbery and I instantly understood why they stopped having delivery services. The driver shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. That’s one of the reasons why they never carry a lot of money. The cannabis delivery used to take only money, however now they are only debit card, paypal, money app, or sell. These delivery drivers do not keep money so they are not a prime target when driving around while in the day and night hours. I wound up going to the store to get all of the products that I wanted. The store director told me to let his know when I arrived so he could supply me with a 20% discount on my order. Since I complained about delivery services, he offered to supply me a discount and I couldn’t say no. I bought some dried OG Kush, concentrates, and edibles for less than $100.


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