Figuring out number one strains

Each producer creates a product with an individual chemical profile

When I initially began browsing at the cannabis dispensary, I observed that the strains were divided into three groups. Most of the products were labeled as indica, sativa as well as hybrid. These labels are used to give an indication of the effects offered. This classification system isn’t based on science or data. They are botanical terms that refer more to a plant’s structure as well as not the effects! However, most of the cannabis industry continues to generalize strains as indica, sativa or hybrid. This is because it’s easy; Shoppers are offered three options. They have an idea of what to expect from the strain. The general belief is that indica strains are physically sedating. They cause a full-body high as well as are ideal for relaxing. Indicas are officially proposed for eveningtime use. Savitas have been attached to energizing effects as well as more of a cerebral high. They pair well with physical activity, motivation as well as social celebrations. They are best for afternoontime use. Hybrids mix the traits of indica as well as sativa effects, depending on the parent plants. As I’ve gotten more respected with cannabis products as well as consulted with the budtenders at the dispensary, I’ve started to pay more attention to the strain’s chemical profile. Each strain is particular in its cannabinoid as well as terpene satisfied, which interacts differently with each person’s body chemistry. It’s taken some trial as well as error for me to figure out the THC to CBD ratio that works best for me. I’ve observed differences between sungrown as well as greencabin grown bud. Each producer creates a product with an individual chemical profile. I also make sure to start with the minimum proposed dose as well as go slow when trying modern products.


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