Happy to be wrong about cannabis products

The list of sure things that I ended up being completely wrong about continues to grow.

Please add recreational marijuana to the list.

Not only was I wrong about cannabis but I’m now finding cannabis to be quite wonderful. Nobody’s more surprised about that fact then I am. But I also voted for Donald Trump. The past five or six years have been one epiphany after another. My diet and exercise have changed. My politics have changed and now, I’m heading to the cannabis dispensary on a regular basis. Recreational marijuana is now legal in this state. I was against medical marijuana being legalized. I know that can’t be a shock. But I railed against allowing sick people to use medical cannabis to ease their suffering. That’s how twisted up I had everything. But it seems one by one, I am finding living and acknowledging the truth is a much better way to live. I’m just sorry it took me losing so many things in my life for me to finally relent and admit that I was looking at things completely wrong. I was all about me all the time. That’s why my wife left me and why my kids went with her. But that’s what it took to wake me up apparently. Slowly but surely, I’m changing. And I have sativa and indica products to partially thank for that. My wife and I were reconciling as I strived to live more honestly and compassionately. I actually took my wife up on starting a date night by shopping for marijuana for sale. And I haven’t looked back. It’s as though the cannabis products have spurred on a quest for authenticity that I can’t deny.

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