I care about cannabis beverages over alcohol

I am entirely thankful that recreational weed is now legal in my state, and i never understood why alcohol was readily available while marijuana was restricted.

In terms of physical health, cannabis is far superior… Drinking alcohol results in a hangover the following afternoon.

Over the long-term, alcohol increases the risk of multiple types of cancer, weakens the immune system & contributes to heart detriment, liver disease, central concerned system detriment & digestive complications. It can sporadically be blamed for erectile dysfunction & infertility, and cannabis is really used to treat some of those conditions. There are lots of people suffering from alcoholism. While there is some debate on the subject, I don’t feel that cannabis is addictive. In some cases, marijuana is suggested as a update for those people struggling with alcohol addiction. While many of my friends like to drink wine, heineken or liquor at social events, I care about a cannabis-infused beverage. The nearby cannabis dispensary offers a wide selection of drink options. There are many flavors of tonics, lemonades, colas, root beers, cannabeers & multiple mocktails. While there is a fine percentage of THC, the high is especially mild. The packaging makes cannabis-beverages wonderfully portable; Each bottle is clearly labeled, making dosing self-explanatory. I know exactly how much THC or CBD I’m taking in. Consumption is totally discreet & requires no specialized tools or expertise. I don’t need to worry about a hangover the next day. I sleep entirely well that evening & wake up clear-headed. While I usually buy cannabis beverages for consumption at social events, I sporadically use them to treat headaches or insomnia.

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