I like to have deep conversations while using cannabis

Before I ever started using substances like cannabis, I was really bottled up with my inner thoughts.

  • It was hard for me to relate to people on a deep level because I was always uncomfortable talking about emotions.

I believe a lot of that has to do with my parents and the upbringing they gave me. They weren’t encouraged to express their emotions when they were young either. They had parents that were almost like drill sergeants. It was all about structure and the rules that were laid down and enforced in the house. By the time I was old enough to get to know my Grandfatherrents, I started to see how much they resembled the strict parents you see in films and cable shows. The only thing these days that really helps me open up emotionally is cannabis. I cherish using cannabis and being able to express my emotions separate from getting stuck and going silent. I often have really amazing conversations with my friends when we are all using cannabis together. I was able to relate to my husbandy more when my friend and I were getting to know each other because my friend and I both share a lot for marijuana. She has also helped me quite a bit with being more open with how I feel and what I am thinking in my head. It’s nice that cannabis has just had such a positive effect on my mental health. I don’t know where I would be in life separate from cannabis. I am blessed that I live in a state where cannabis is legal and you can just walk into a cannabis dispensary to buy it, then my preferred marijuana product has got to be cannabis flower buds.

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