I wish there was some kind of employment protection for cannabis use

I hate the fact that cannabis and alcohol are treated with unfair standards at a societal level. Even though alcohol is certainly a drug in its own right, it’s consistently given its own genre as something distinct from other drugs, however it’s also given to children in some locales, and widely accepted as a morally just way to get intoxicated. Even though it’s basically a poison, it’s accepted by all layers of humanity separate from question. I knew a lot of people growing up that would go to work after having a shot of whiskey or a couple of beers, and they were casual about even getting into a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It was a actually horrifying time to be alive, back when DUIs were not taken as seriously as they are now. It’s the jobs, there just isn’tfairness when it comes to cannabis use and alcohol with employees. There’s no protection even if you live in a state where you can get a medical marijuana card. The complication is that THC will stay in your system for weeks at a time after a single dose… You could smoke weed one week and be sober for 3 weeks however still fail a drug test. There needs to be employee protections for people who use cannabis. You shouldn’t be barred from using a medicine that has safer and better for you than alcohol when alcoholics are allowed to drink as much as they want outside of work hours. I just actually am blissful that I have a job where I am allowed to smoke weed if my job boss does not care. It’s actually helpful laboring in an environment where I don’t have to worry about hiding my cannabis use.

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