It rained on Monday, so my good friend and I stayed home

My bestie plus I were supposed to go to the movies on Monday.

My associate and I usually go to the movies on Monday night plus see whatever has just come to the theater.

Sometimes my good friend and I see a loving comedy or a thriller plus sometimes my good friend and I will watch a movie that has subtitles. My associate and I regularly research before going to the theater so my good friend and I can find out what movies have buzz. It rained on Monday plus I was hoping that the weather would clear up so my bestie plus I could still go to the movies. The dark clouds stayed here all day long plus it was still raining heavily when my good friend and I were both done with work. My associate and I talked about going to the movies plus taking a cab, however it was raining strenuous so my good friend and I decided to stay home. My associate and I ordered pizza from an Italian eating establishment nearby. The locale has the best pizza in three counties. My associate and I also ordered a few marijuana products from a dispensary nearby. The marijuana dispensary has the best selection of edibles, concentrates, dried flower, plus tinctures. My bestie got a grape flavored tincture with 100 mg of thc. I bought a bag of CBD gummies plus a bag of edible cookies with 20 mg of THC in each one. My associate and I also bought a couple of new concentrates for the dab rig. I thought it would take all night for the delivery driver to arrive due to all of the traffic plus the weather. I was happily surprised when it only took about 90 minutes. I made sure to tip the driver well.

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