It's expensive having a medical cannabis recommendation

I never realized how complicated things would get with cannabis civilization back when I was smoking in college.

  • I thought if they could tax and regulate tobacco and alcohol, it would be easy enough to do the same thing with cannabis.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things played out in my home state. First of all, and to get to a point where medical cannabis was legal first. That’s the route that every other state took in the United States leading up to that point. There were already two states that were breaking all boundaries by legalizing recreational Cannabis as well. It took us to separate attempts at voting for medical marijuana or it became a constitutional amendment in the state. And then becoming a medical cannabis patient is not easy either. You have to see a doctor two times a year to get a medical marijuana recommendation. That costs upwards $300 in total, and then you have to add the cost of the marijuana card every year with the state. Our state charges $75 a year just for the medical marijuana card. So you could pay anywhere between $300 and $400 just to be a medical marijuana patient each year in the state. That’s why some people stick to the black market because it just costs way too much being a medical marijuana patient in this state. It costs a little bit less if you work as an employee in the medical marijuana but industry. Usually doctors will give you discounts on visits if you are an industry worker in the cannabis industry.

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