Medical cannabis has changed my life with mental health

I spent a fantastic portion of my twenties languishing with my mental health! I was affected by some honestly traumatic events plus it developed a pattern of PTSD with my thought process plus behavioral tendencies. I had to seek out therapy on a number of occasions. It was a slow process plus there were not straight-forward solutions to anything. A lot of it was getting to a point where I could learn to cope with having these problems plus accepting them. You have to transport past the point of wanting a service or a solution plus instead moving to a point where you have a better State of mind in a better attitude regarding it all. And hopefully as you learn to understand the complications more you also learn coping mechanisms to one degree or another, then these coping mechanisms are essential for your survival with these mental health problems. There’s also other ways in which you can get help for these mental health complications. A lot of people choose pharmaceutical medications plus at times I did as well! However over the last few years I’ve largely switched to using cannabis to treat my PTSD instead of other medications. I view cannabis as just one medication among many. You decide to use it instead of something else, however it does not mean you’re not taking a drug. However regardless of this cannabis has had an amazing effect on my mental health plus my overall outlook on life. I feel like my problems are the best they’ve been since I developed them plus I feel like I have cannabis to largely thank for that.


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