My acquaintance told me about the sale nearby

Sunday I was toiling at the restaurant plus I got stuck washing dishes.

I definitely dislike washing dishes, but the woman that was supposed to be here for a shift called out sick plus there was no one else to take care of the chore.

I do not usually even work in the back of the house, so I interacted with some people that night that I do not usually talk to. One of those persons was an acquaintance that told me about a sale at a marijuana dispensary nearby. The marijuana dispensary was having an immense blowout sale plus a whole bunch of items were on clearance. There were 40 plus 50% savings across the store. I didn’t know anything about the sale at the marijuana dispensary nearby until the woman in the kitchen told me about it. I wanted to leave the place early so I could take luck in the sale, but I was supposed to labor until 11:00 p.m. I waited until 9:00 when things were slower plus I told my boss that I had an emergency. I told the woman that I needed to leave for 30 minutes but I would come back to finish up my shift plus scrub up all of the dishes. The manager didn’t seem to be too infuriated with me leaving for 30 minutes plus I was actually back in less than 25. I managed to get everything that I wanted from the dispensary plus there wasn’t an immense line of people. I was finally in plus out of the place in record time.
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