My village is finally getting its second regular cannabis dispensary

I live in a fairly conservative community that has dominated by people over the age of 60.

Back when I was in middle school the village council drafted an seriously restrictive noise ordinance policy for any live songs around town.

The rule back then was that cops were supposed to check the decibel levels outside of a arena to make sure that noise wasn’t bleeding to the surrounding community, and however, cops bolstered by the village council would frequently walk right into arenas and put the decibel meter up to a speaker at point blank range. The noise ordinance policy effectively killed all of the live songs in the village overnight. The people who control the village saw this as an immediate win and doubled down on their conservative practices, then now you cannot actually have a bar with live bands if you want to stay in corporation in this area. But it’s not just about the live songs. They also made it actually difficult for cannabis corporations that want to come into the town, only so far have they allowed one single dispensary to open. My buddy and I only have a choice from one company to get our marijuana products or we have to drive to a bizarre city. It’s actually aggravating and I wish the village council would allow another cannabis dispensary company to open. My buddy and I also need to have more options as cannabis customers in this area. However, I doubt that the village council is going to change their views on marijuana. They want to see it restricted as much as possible and are not in favor of cannabis legalization.


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