Some schools prohibit cannabis use on campus

You could end up getting expelled in some cases.

I feel like I was really lucky to go to a fairly liberal college. I mean I should have understood that right from the get-go considering it’s literally a liberal arts school, but there are a few across the Nation that have more restrictive policies with their students. I liked the fact that the campus police were pretty hands-off with student drug use as long as it was only cannabis and psychedelics. Basically you could get away with smoking cannabis in your dorm room as long as you didn’t set off the smoke detectors. It was a fairly permissive atmosphere back then, but now that school has a much more strict policy and drug use. The entire administration has shifted and now students are scrutinized for virtually any substance abuse. There are some schools in the country that prohibit cannabis use both explicitly and implicitly. In other words there are written rules against cannabis use and also widespread practice of campus police enforcing those rules. I would hate to get busted with marijuana on a college campus that was really strict with cannabis use among students. You could end up getting expelled in some cases. Such a frustrating thing to consider when it comes to marijuana use in the 21st century. I wish campuses were just permissive like my old school was back in the day. They don’t have to have written rules allowing cannabis use, but they could just let it go and students are busted. I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about a school restricting my marijuana use since I haven’t set foot on a college campus in at least 10 years.

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