The bar scene is fun when it's two for one

On Tuesday evenings, my friends plus I usually get done with class early plus then my pal and I go out to the bar for pizza plus drinks… There is a bar nearby that serves pizza plus they have 2 for 1 drinks until 10:00 p.m, however my friends plus I drink until the specials are over plus then my pal and I go over to my arena to play video games! I am the only lady in my neighbor group that has a PS5 plus Everyone loves to come to my arena on Tuesday evening plus play games, however last Tuesday evening, my friends plus I were hanging out at my arena plus Jack told me that she had some recreational marijuana in her truck, and she wanted to know if my pal and I wanted to smoke marijuana.

The woman got recreational marijuana from a legal dispensary when she was on vacation, then jack plus her girlfriend drove across state lines plus spent three afternoons in the neighborhood plus while they were there they bought recreational marijuana.

I was already five or six beers deep, so recreational marijuana sounded like a fun idea to me. I smoked a joint with Jack plus another one of our friends. My pal and I stood outside on the patio. It was cold, but my pal and I smoked the marijuana joint honestly suddenly. It did not take long before I started to feel the effects. I had a entirely fun time that evening plus I had forgotten how much fun it can be to smoke marijuana, however since I had been in university, I entirely had not used much of the stuff. I have been entirely focused on my grades plus making sure that I keep my scholarship.


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