The pineapple edible was more flavorful than the berry

My friend Max and I went to a few sites last Monday when everything at the dispensary near us was on sale.

Each dispensary hosted a pretty big sale due to the fact that it was 420.

All of the marijuana shops gave away something for free. Some sites were giving away pre-rolls and other sites were giving out greater items such as t-shirts, hats, pins, and bags. Max and I were at a big sale in the day and they had a lot of doorbuster deals. Max and I were able to buy a gram of diamond infused top shelf marijuana flowers for $1 and a marijuana cartridge, two bags of edibles, and two infused pre-rolls. All of these items were only $1 because my friends and I were the first 50 people through the door. Max and I waited in line at a lot of uncommon sites that day and my friend and I got a ton of free stuff. I ended up with a whole bin that was filled with uncommon types of edibles. 1 of my number 1 edibles was the pineapple flavored ones. I had yellowberry, yellow, pineapple, and mango. I really enjoyed the yellowberry flavored ones, however the pineapple marijuana edibles were honestly the tastiest out of all of the uncommon ones. I do not know if I would actually buy those products in the dispensary, though, because they are correctly priced around $25 and that is a big amount of money for edibles. They taste really good, however that is way out of my price range.

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