The ride out to the shore was fun and stoned

My friend Sam and I decided to go to the beach for a day.

The beach is at least an hour drive from our apartment. We decided to take my car because it has the best seating arrangement. I have seating for five, that is roomy. My friends and I can honestly fit into the car and it is spacious. The a/c works quite well too. I left my cabin around 8:00 in the day and I picked up my friendSam. The pair of us headed out to a dispensary nearby. My buddy and I wanted to get supplies at the dispensary before Sam and I started off on the long one hour drive to the coast. When Sam and I were halfway through the trip, my friend and I stopped to smoke one of the marijuana strains that Sam and I bought from the dispensary nearby. The marijuana strain was a hybrid mix of Girl Scout cookies. The hybrid was honestly one of the best marijuana strains that I have ever tasted. It was a top shelf corporation and the marijuana buds were infused with THC Diamond crystals. It was unquestionably potent and strong. Sam and I had a little bit of something to eat before my friend and I started driving the rest of the trip to the beach. I had a cooler that was packed with food and popcorn and each one of us had a couple of Fig Newtons and a bag of trail mix before my friend and I finished the rest of the 1 hour drive to the beach. Sam and I had a really great time that day and even ran into some friends that Sam and I have not seen in a long time.
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