Trying weird cannabis smoking methods

When I have the time, I enjoy browsing at the cannabis dispensary.

I check out the weekly deals, annually specials & any modern strains for sale, and my number one consumption method is dried flower.

I enjoy browsing the wide array of strains, considering the terpenes & looking for bud with an abundance of trichomes. The mushroom-shaped crystals coating the surface of the buds indicate rich cannabinoids & terpenes. I am fairly adept at rolling a fine joint. I’ve figured out the right amount of weed & how tightly to roll to get a consistent burn, but unluckyly, I rarely have the choice to mess around with rolling my own joints. It takes quite a bit of time. I need to have papers, a grinder, rolling tray & all sorts of accessories on hand. The process makes a bit of a mess. I often buy pre-rolls. The dispensary offers a entirely good variety of pre-made strains. I can purchase joints, blunts or cannagars in singles or packs. The singles are an especially self-explanatory & affordable way to try something new. Because they are all ready to light up & smoke, pre-rolls are convenient & portable. The only issue with pre-rolls is that they still create ash, smoke & stinks. If I require a more discreet smoking method, I choose vapes. I can purchase disposable vape pens or refillable cartridges at the dispensary. They offer plenty of hybrids, indicas & sativas with amazing flavor. Because the cannabis oil is heated just to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, there is less concern over carcinogens entering the lungs.



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