Christmas is more fun after a stop at local cannabis spot

We were all loaded up for the annual trip to celebrate another Christmas with Ed’s family.

As Ed and I were headed out of town, I asked her to pull over for a stop at the local cannabis spot.

Ed and I are fortunate to live in a location where Ed and I have legal access to recreational marijuana. After medical marijuana was such a huge success, recreational marijuana was a no brainer for our state legislature. Recreational marijuana access to cannabis dispensaries has now been available for a few years. So why it finally dawned on me to get a large supply of cannabis products for the annual Christmas trip is a mystery. I should have been doing this the whole time. My in-laws are superb people but they are intense. The family is all quite combative, loud plus a bit passive aggressive as well. It still boggles my mind how my sweet Ed shares DNA with those folks. So having a pocketful of cannabis edibles plus my disposable cannabis oil pen is now essential for those trips. I tend to stick with sativa strains or sativa dominant hybrid strains for these types of situations. This kind of cannabis product helps me just smile plus lets everything roll off my back. Indeed, I can simply allow those people to act how they do plus not take it so personally thanks to the sativa strains. Now, if I could just get Ed and my in-laws to join in on the cannabis use, I’d entirely have something fun going on. I don’t guess there has ever been a bunch of people in more need of some sativa plus indica products ever.

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