Don’t mind if I do at the cannabis dispensary sale

My introduction to the glorious world of cannabis edibles couldn’t have been better.

Seriously, just looking back at the whole experience, I’m still so blown away by that weekend my sister Max and I spent.

There is just the two of us now as both our parents have died. Max and I are in our late forties and that has come with a lot of change to both of our lives. Max and I are both newly empty nesters however we’re both lucky to have great partners. Still, it’s felt peculiar not to be able to turn to mom or dad while I’m changing to not being a regular, active mom anymore. Plus, Max and I got a bit sideways when dad died and that played a part in us not seeing much of each other. So a trip to see Max was in order. The beauty part is that, in her state, recreational marijuana is legal. I hadn’t entirely used cannabis since I was attending college. By and large, I’d sort of not been using marijuana much at all. Max, on the other hand, had availed herself of the access to the cannabis dispensary gave in her town. That’s why Max recommended that I come to see her. Man, am I ever blissful I did that. My sister stopped at the local cannabis spot on the way home from picking me up at the airport. That night I smoked some OG kush however I was pretty zonked from the flight. But the next morning, my sister took me to the cannabis cafe to share some of the best pop in town. Max and I split this delicious cannabis edible as well. Max and I eventually ended up in the park and talking as if my superb friend and I were young women again. This is going to be a official visit for sure.

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