Dried marijuana flower was on sale

My friends and I decided to have a celebration for New Year’s eve.

I was in charge of making sure that we had plenty of beer.

My friends like to drink a lot of beer, so I went to the distributor that is located at the edge of town. The beer distributor regularly has good prices on 12-packs and cases. The prices are usually about $5 less than the grocery store and there is a much larger selection of imported and domestic beers. On my way to the distributor, I stopped at the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary has cheap prices on products that they regularly stock. I picked up a couple of fourths of dried marijuana flowers that were on sale. I also picked up a couple of marijuana concentrates. The girl at the counter proposed a couple of beers for the celebration that were infused with marijuana. I told the girl that I had to go to the beer distributor after the dispensary and she proposed trying a couple of marijuana infused beers. They were $12 each, which is a bit steep for my billfold. I still decided to get two of them, but later that evening when my friends and I were celebrating the new year, I got out the beers and we opened them up. They tasted absolutely horrible. The beers did not taste like beer at all and the flavor of marijuana was overpowering. I am glad I did not spend the cash to buy one of those beers for each one of my friends. They were a complete and total waste of cash.


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