Everyone at my place is chill about marijuana smoking

Everyone at my place of business is really relaxed and chill about marijuana smoking. It’s no immense deal to go outside on break and smoke a marijuana joint. I often go outside to smoke a marijuana joint when it is not really stressful and I have a few minutes. I was outside smoking a marijuana joint a few afternoons ago when one of my coworkers approached me. The girl asked if I would share the marijuana joint. The young child wasn’t much older than my son, although she absolutely looked like she was old enough to smoke marijuana. I did not mind sharing my joint, so I smoked the rest of the joint with the kid. About an hour later, the boss met with most people in the building to introduce us to the new plant foreman. I really did not expect the new plant foreman to end up being the same girl that smoked marijuana going with me. I did not know if I was going to be in a heap of trouble or not, so I tried to blend in with the background. I hope that the girl would not notice me. She did not say anything to me while in the meeting, but I could tell that she knew exactly who I was. After the meeting was over, she pulled me to the side and asked if I was someone that can be trusted. I told the new plant foreman that I was a really trustworthy and dependable employee. The next afternoon I got a promotion and a raise and now the foreman and I take our breaks at the same time. We also go outside to smoke together.


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