Giving my cannabis corporation a boost

I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a liar, then some people are astounded that a girl like Marie picked a bum like me, but my secret is to always be 100% even-handed and 100% loyal.

If I am tplot to Marie, she takes care of me. She doesn’t overlook my faults, she manages to change them into positives. The case in point involves my weed business, which when she met me was pathetic. I was slinging dime bags of ditch weed to teenagers, it was pretty embarrassing. Marie is a school student, with a background in accounting, and she helped me streamline the cannabis operation and legitimately make it profitable. In fact, Marie has such a head for numbers that with her help I might become the top cannabis dealer in the area, and within a few nights she showed me many neat ways I could reduce my overhead, and increase my cannabis profits. Once she pointed these things out to me they seemed blatant, although I never would have thought of them on my own. I started selling more cannabis, in high quantities, and doing it in less time. Within a few months I was selling ten times more cannabis than I had in the past, and I owe it all to Marie. Well, maybe I don’t owe it ALL to Marie, although I owe her half which is why she is not my familiar partner in this cannabis operation. She plans to use the cannabis profits to pay for her school degree without student loans. I have started saving for a modern house.