I fell off a ladder and hurt my leg

I was working on a residential roof and I fell off a ladder.

I landed on a hedge at the base of the roof and that broke my fall.

Unfortunately, one of the branches from the hedge went right through the back of my leg. I didn’t want to pull the branch out and there was no way that I could drive. One of my coworkers had to take me to the emergency room. They cut the stick into tiny pieces and removed it during surgery. After surgery was over, I was in the hospital for a week. When I finally went home, I had a hard time moving around. I was extremely thankful for recreational marijuana products. I had a lot of pain in my leg and the doctor refused to give me anything stronger than ibuprofen. Ibuprofen wasn’t touching the pain, but marijuana made me feel a lot better. I had some top shelf and super fire indica strains that were great for pain relief. I smoked a bowl of marijuana and I got high. I smoked another bowl of marijuana and I was stoned. After I was stoned, my leg didn’t hurt as much. I watched cartoons for the next two hours and then I ate an entire pint of ice cream and two honey buns. I spent a lot of nights doing the same thing until my life started to feel better. I still have a long road to recovery and it will be a while before I can actually go back to work and give it 100%.


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