My best friend has terrible anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to many different types of stressful situations.

Anxiety is part of an underlying condition that makes a person feel like they are intensely scared or fearful.

Panic attacks often accompany anxiety. My best friend has a terrible problem with anxiety. The guy is always worried that something is going to go wrong. Whenever we go to new places, the guy thinks that everything is going to go wrong. We went to a meeting on the other side of the country and we had to be gone at the conference for a week. I flew on the airplane with Jack and he was scared and worried the whole time that the plane was going to crash into the land below. The guy even took a couple of Xanax before he got on the plane and that did not help at all. When we landed in our destination, I knew that we were in a place where recreational marijuana was legal. I told Jack that we should visit a dispensary to get something that is good for anxiety. I didn’t want that guy to worry and be fearful the whole time we were in the city, especially because we were supposed to go to meetings all week. Jack agreed to go to the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and the budtender was very helpful. She helped Jack find something that wasn’t too powerful but absolutely helped with his anxiety and crazy paranoia and fear. The product was a tincture that contained mostly CBD for anxiety, with a small hint of THC to help the guy relax.

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