Not pretty much everyone has the same effects from cannabis

On top of that, I also noticed weird effects depending on what type of cannabis products I’m consuming

Brain chemistry is a easily complex subject. Everybody seems to be affected by substances in particular sorts of ways! I for one don’t regularly experience the same kinds of intoxicating effects from alcohol as my friends do, for instance. A lot of my friends tell me that they enjoy feeling drunk from alcohol. I on the other hand end up feeling more depressed and not as euphoric. I truthfully only feel depressive effects from alcohol and never the numbing euphoria that other people regularly attest to. I recently found out that people experience similar effects with cannabis, and some people get a lot of euphoria from certain strains of cannabis while other people get the opposite and will feel upset and tied up out. I enjoy sativa strains of cannabis but there is plenty of people that just cannot handle them, but on the other hand, I’m not a large fan of Indica strains unless I’m trying to go to sleep. They are genuinely some indicas that will make me feel gleeful and excited, but a lot of indica’s just make me feel sedated and tired, and but then there are plenty of people that will use it all day long with nice effects. I know it just has to do with your individual brain chemistry because everybody’s affected by cannabis differently. On top of that, I also noticed weird effects depending on what type of cannabis products I’m consuming. If I use cannabis oils and vaporizer cartridges for instance, I get a lot more THC compared to the terpenes that you get in cannabis flower products, and you still get terpenes and cannabis oil, but the ratio is much smaller and you get a lot more THC instead. I get a full spectrum effect from cannabis flower products by contrast.

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