Positive again thanks to smoking sativa

I didn’t know very much at all about marijuana as it turns out.

No, I think I got totally deceived when it comes to all the myth and misinformation around cannabis.

I grew up in a time period where there was plenty of weed all around me. But I was of the belief that one toke of recreational marijuana was the first step in a life of crime, perversion and misery. Yea, that’s the sort of messages I had been delivered all of my life when it came to the marijuana discussion. Actually, there were no discussions as I was just brainwashed to fear cannabis. Thankfully, I have found that not only are cannabis products not gateway drugs, marijuana is so beneficial. When the medical marijuana debate was going on in this state was the very first time that I particularly heard some real facts when it came to cannabis. And for some weird reason, this compelled me to look a bit deeper and see if in fact this cannabis info I was receiving was based in fact. Sure enough, that was the start of the journey that would end up changing the way that I live my life. Medical marijuana did pass in our state and that led to me asking my shrink about getting a medical marijuana prescription card. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety since I can remember. But all the meds come with side effects for me that are debilitating. I wanted to try something that was organic and natural like cannabis. I was guided to try the sativa strains first by the adviser at the local cannabis dispensary. And that’s all it took to gain the positivity that I’ve never had.

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