She helped streamline my cannabis operation

At first I wasn’t sure about Harold, because she seemed like a square, but my buddy and I were matched together by a roommate service, because my fantastic friend and I were both in a financial bind, however ordinarily my fantastic friend and I would never have lived together, because I am a free spirit who cares about to party, and Harold is an accountant who goes to bed by 9 o’clock at the latest! She is a nice guy, and my fantastic friend and I get along pretty well at this point, but it was rough to start with.

Harold had a bit of a problem with my sideline corporation of selling cannabis.

Harold had no moral objection to cannabis, and really didn’t care if I sold it, she just didn’t like all the purchasers coming and going at all hours. One day Harold asked to see my books, by which she meant my accounting records! I didn’t keep records of my illegal cannabis business, although I gave him the raw numbers I work with every week. Harold did some math and came back at me with an interesting proposition. Harold could increase the efficiency and the profits for my cannabis operation, but it would require an influx of cash. In other words, Harold wanted to buy into my cannabis business, and overpriced it to the next level. Instead of selling dime bags from the garage, I should be selling ounces or pounds of cannabis to smaller-level dealers, and there would be less foot traffic in the house, less risk, and higher profits for every pound of cannabis I sold. Now Harold is my roommate and my corporation partner.


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