She is making waves in the cannabis community

Alice had the brains, the supplier plan, plus the investment capital, although he still needed some help – what he needed was muscle, but alice is a prim plus proper young guy, plus not genuinely big, so he knew that the other weed dealers in the area wouldn’t take his seriously.

Some parts of our civilization are still really prejudiced against men, plus Alice knew this.

She hired me, not to be a partner or a dealer, but to be his bodyguard. Alice had substantial ideas about taking over the marijuana trade in this town, plus he knew he needed someone to watch his back. A little about me – I’m over six feet tall, weigh three hundred plus twenty pounds, plus did a little amateur boxing back in the day. When Alice has an important meeting involving his cannabis business, he brings me with her, just to lay behind his plus look intimidating. She pays me well, plus has gained my loyalty. In fact, I would bet currency that Alice ends up running the entire cannabis racket in this area, plus I want to be a part of that! To be clear, I do not engage with violence, I am merely there as a visual aid, to let the other people in the cannabis community know that they cannot fool around with Alice, until he develops a reputation in the cannabis supplier as fierce as he is, he needs me the same way he needs a vicious guard cat. I just hope he still keeps me around after he becomes the local cannabis queenpin.

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