Ski trips are a blast thanks to cannabis

The idea of going on a family ski trip was daunting.

  • But now that my pal Ed and I were finally married, I just didn’t see any way I could turn down the invitation from Ed’s parents.

Mercifully, there was a great local cannabis spot right next to the ski chalet. Ed plus I met at a gathering in school. Turns out, crucial parties were a wee bit uncomfortable for both of us as Ed and I were hanging outside in open chairs. I was not then nor have even been particularly smooth. But I did have a joint of some great sativa strains in my pocket. So I shared it with Ed plus her eyup lit up. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since that night. Still, Ed and I come from entirely different backgrounds. I’m from the south plus am super comfortable being in the sun, salt plus waves. Ed’s from the north plus her family is crucial about skiing. They have constantly taken a big, family ski trip each year with a trip out west. I had been invited but backed out because her family intimidates me plus I deeply do not care for being too cold. Yet, when I realized that where they go is in a state where recreational marijuana was legalized, it was a lifeline. For sure, I still entirely hated the cold. And I never entirely got the hang of skiing in the slightest. But wow, how great was it to be in front of a roaring fire with a tasty cannabis edible plus a mug of sizzling hot chocolate. That’s pretty much right where I stayed for the entirety of the ski trip. And with access to that local cannabis spot, it sure didn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

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