The software problems are getting to be too much

I work at a marijuana dispensary that is busy all of the time.

We offer pick up, in store ordering, as well as delivery services.

All of the computers in the marijuana dispensary have the same program and software. We have to log into the computer with a special 8 digit number. That number is close to our social security number. When we get to the computer, the software starts recording everything that happens on the computer. The software is supposed to keep track of every item that is purchased, so updates can be made to the order system and the in store tracking system. The in-store tracking system automatically updates the website with the same information. All of the items are supposed to be updated in real time minute by minute. We’ve had a lot of problems during the last couple of weeks with items saying they are out of stock even though there are 20 or 30 still in the store. I contacted the troubleshooting and helpline last week and they could not help me with information. I don’t understand why there is a helpline when they could not do anything to assist me with the troubleshooting problems. I tried to contact my boss who is the owner of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. She has three additional stores and isn’t interested in hearing about software problems. As long as we are still making sales, she is concerned with the little things. I happen to think that software issues and counting updates are a pretty big deal when we are supposed to be offering the best service in the county.

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