We needed rain but it got me wet at the cannabis event

There are a lot of instances where weather gets definitely serious in my region and we do not get a cut for months at a time, and during the winter season sometimes we get blizzards every day for weeks.

It ends up covering the ground with feet of snow and the roads sometimes are closed as a result.

But right now we are in the middle of the summer time season when hot and cold temperatures are properly a lot warmer outside. This is when a lot of events are hosted if they are outdoor events particularally, but my kids have a crucial outdoor sporting event this weekend at the sports complex; Last weekend I decided to go to a cannabis event for the medical marijuana industry in the state. I wasn’t definitely considering whether or not there could be rain that day when I planned my trip to the fairgrounds for the cannabis event. It had been a week of high hot and cold temperatures and no rain after a month of a terrible drought. My associate and I definitely needed the rain, but I did not want to experience it while I was at my cannabis event. It ended up souring my experience altogether, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about the cannabis event afterwards. I feel I’m glad that the outdoor environment got all the rain that it desperately craved, but it would have been nicer to happen on a day when I wasn’t going to a medical marijuana event. I was hoping to talk to a lot of vendors and get coupons for many cannabis dispensaries; Cannabis events are amazing locations to network with people in the medical marijuana industry.

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