Why he has such a successful cannabis operation

Carl is the best at what he does, because he treats it like a business.

Most of the weed dealers in this area are in it for the lifestyle.

They like to get high, party, and meet younger people, so selling weed or other drugs is a means to an end. Carl is a savvy businessman, who keeps records of his transactions, and always looks for ways to streamline and enhance his operation. Some people have started calling him Carl the Accountant. Everyone loves Carl, because everyone makes money with Carl. Although there is bigger money in cocaine, heroin, and pills, there is still a fortune to be made with cannabis, and Carl has a stranglehold on the area. All those glitz-and-glamor cannabis dealers who are in it for the lifestyle? They all buy their cannabis from Carl, which basically means that everyone in town besides the dispensaries are all selling Carl’s products. Allegedly Carl runs a major cannabis farm north of the city, but no one has ever been able to confirm it. Carl keeps his secrets well hidden, and wants nobody to know where he grows his cannabis crops, because they would most certainly try to steal them. Finally, the thing that keeps Carl so financially successful is that he doesn’t get too greedy, or draw extra attention to his cannabis operation. The cops are more concerned with other drugs and don’t care about cannabis, so Carl always keeps a very low profile. Without the cops messing with his cannabis operation, Carl can keep everything running smoothly and profitably.

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