Author: Armand

Great area

There are a lot of awful things about getting old. I recently turned 60, plus celebrated by retiring from work. My wifey Helen retired a few years ago, plus has been patiently waiting for me to finish up so my buddy and I can move on with our lives, and for all the health problems, […]

Fishing and weed

My two great passions in life are fishing plus getting high, then i can trace both of these passions to the same source – childhood fishing trips with my Dad. My Dad was a macho type of guy, not known for showing affection undoubtedly often, and he was a fantastic man, loyal, plus a fantastic […]

Should I call an online marketing team?

I had been reading a great deal about online social media ad campaigns. I remembered that my mom used social media adverts to announce the drop of her new children’s book. I thought she did all the social media ads by herself, and thought I should be able to do the same. When someone mentioned […]

Cannabis unlocks my inner potential

The folks at the local cannabis spot are all so kind plus affectionate; Just buying some cannabis products reaffirms the joy plus goodness that is readily available to us all Somebody once said that misery is not constantly necessary. And sporadically, it can be a personal choice. I entirely wanted to punch that chick in […]

Big parties are more fun with cannabis

There was a time when I’d do just about anything to avoid going to any kind of large party or gathering. That means no concerts, no large parties or BBQ’s, no birthdays and on and on. I’m an otherwise fairly normal type of dude outside of my deep discomfort when it comes to attending large […]