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I need SEO to rank better

I paid a dealer to set me up with a cannabis dispensary website.

I am absolutely quite pleased by the web design.

The design looks professional, modern & is easy to navigate. I have a homepage, products page, contact page & a single for cannabis delivery. The issue I was facing for a while was the lack of traffic to my website. It was a charming website that nobody saw. What was the point of even having a single? It took me a while to figure out what I was missing. What I needed was marijuana dispensary SEO. I needed a cannabis SEO corporation to launch my website on google. My website needed to go higher on google for my locations, cannabis products & medical cannabis, and finding the right cannabis SEO dealer was difficult. There are quite a few possibilities out there but just like any business, some were better than others. I found my cannabis SEO team because they had unbelievable reviews & tons of customers in the marijuana industry. They immediately started talking about SEO & SEM strategies for my corporation. They wanted me to have social media platforms where I talk about deals going on in the store. They additionally wanted to adjust my website a bit. They wanted more web pages & a single page that just is about the section I am in. The SEO analyst told myself and others that would help myself and others rank better on google. I don’t care what they are doing, they just need to keep doing it. My business is so much better after I hired them.

Website for cannabis dispensary

My website is really bad

When I opened up a cannabis dispensary I knew I needed to have a website.

I did my website all through an online platform.

I figured that was decent enough. I made it pink, wrote the content for the site & put pictures on it. There, finished! Well I started to see that I had business, just not a lot. Anytime I asked if someone saw my website, they hadn’t, when I tried finding it on google it was a struggle. I wasn’t even on the 1st page of google. I also did not come up when I typed in cannabis dispensaries & the name of the town. I started looking at other dispensary websites too & noticed mine wasn’t nearly as professional looking as theirs. I wanted something better & to get more business through a great web design. I know I am not a web builder. My website wasn’t nearly fantastic enough & I didn’t have the knowledge to fix it. I then started hunting for website solutions for dispensaries. I knew there must be web builders that focus on cannabis SEO. I got a web builder to make a better cannabis website. He took all the pictures himself because mine were too small & blurry. He also had a content writer that tweaked what I wrote. The guy then changed my colors, fonts, layout & added more pages to the website. It looked like a whole modern business. I am now working with an SEO analyst & they are helping my modern website rank higher on google & for my area.

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I think the new roommate stole my bag of marijuana

I spoke to my other roommate about the new guy and he doesn’t think there are any problems

My roommate and I had a third guy living with us for 10 months and then he skipped out on rent and moved away without saying anything to us. We had to find someone to quickly rent the room, because my roommate and I could not afford to pay the rent on our own. We placed an ad online and had lots of interested people. We interviewed several people for the room but only a handful of people had the money necessary to move in. We required first and last month’s rent and a security deposit. We made our selection and chose a guy that worked close to the apartment. He had references and the money necessary to move in right away. We never performed a background check on the guy and now I’m beginning to think that may have been a mistake. Someone stole marijuana from my bedroom yesterday while I was at work. This type of problem has never happened in the past and I have been using recreational marijuana products for the past three years. I asked the new roommate if he saw the bag of marijuana. He had a very strange look on his face, even though he said no. I spoke to my other roommate about the new guy and he doesn’t think there are any problems. He suggested that I misplaced my bag of marijuana or possibly smoked all of it and forgot. I guess I will put a lock on my bedroom door and keep my eyes and ears open for any trouble or problems. My roommate isn’t going to believe me unless I have some proof.
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The kids interrupted my online order and I timed out

My kids were downstairs playing video games together, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to go online and order a few recreational marijuana items.

  • The delivery guy never shows up until after 8 p.m., so the kids are easily in bed by the time the marijuana delivery driver arrives.

I don’t have to try to hide anything from the kids and I don’t have to explain what is inside of the bag either. I know that the cutoff for deliveries on the same day is 5:30 pm. I was trying to place an order online when the kids came upstairs and interrupted me. I had to settle an argument and I had to clean up a mess in the living room. By the time I got back to the computer to finish my online order, the website had timed out. I had to go back into the website to reorder every single one of the items that I had in my shopping cart. Two of those items were cannabis concentrates that were out of stock by the time I tried to ask them to the computer again. I was incredibly bummed out and I couldn’t even remember all of the items on the list. The next time I want to order marijuana items with the kids in the house, I’m going to lock the door until I am done with the order. It seems like every time I want five minutes alone, the kids have a meltdown and everyone wants to fight, yell, and scream.

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The motel suite was only a block from a cannabis shop

My lady Pat plus I went away to a birthday Last month plus both of us stayed in a motel for the weekend.

Pat and I had to fly to the destination for the birthday. My sister consistently wanted to have a destination birthday party, so I wasn’t surprised when she decided to get married on the other side of the country. The birthday party was hosted in a small chapel down the street from the hotel. There were lots of gambling spots and casinos all over the site. That’s 1 of the reasons why our sister plus her partner chose this particular location. They Both appreciated gambling. The hotel was right across the street from a casino plus it was only a block away from a recreational marijuana dispensary. The hotel had advertisements from the dispensary plus they were posted all over the lobby. There was even an advertisement for the marijuana dispensary in the hotel registry book. Pat plus I went online to look at the menu for the recreational plus medical marijuana shop. Pat decided to order a couple of items from the menu. Since there was free delivery, Pat and I didn’t even have to leave our hotel. About an hour after both of us sited the order, there was a soft knock on the front door. The delivery driver brought everything that Pat ordered plus both of us gained a 25% discount because it was the first time that both of us ever ordered from the cannabis shop. Pat plus I had a genuinely amazing time during the city plus both of us both appreciated having recreational cannabis for the first time since both of us were kids.

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Free medicine is great for everyone

My spouse Pat plus I have been traveling around the country plus our RV.

Recently both of us stopped on the west coast plus have been staying here for a few weeks.

One of the best reasons to hang out on the West Coast Medicinal plus recreational marijuana. These products can be bought legally in the state where both of us are currently residing. Pat and I started to purchase medical plus recreational marijuana products as soon as both of us entered the state. It was getting so costly to purchase all of the products that both of us needed. Pat found a free program that allows both of us to get free marijuana each week. The program was set up for survivors of domestic, physical, plus sexual abuse. The program donates free medicine to each lady that qualifies. The recreational plus medicinal marijuana products are gave by companies plus donations that want to help. Each week, Pat plus I receive a donation box from the program that includes unusual types of marijuana products such as edibles, flower, concentrates, tinctures, plus topicals. Pat and I now save about $300 every month on our medical marijuana bill plus both of us use the extra money to make needed repairs on our lake condo plus our vehicle. Every one of us also have the extra money to pay for gas. It’s nearly $7 for a gallon of gas, so I will take all of the savings on cannabis that I can get. I spend almost $200 to fill up the gas tank on our truck plus that only takes me about three hundred miles. If the price continues to increase, I’ll have to find a better job closer to home.

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I started growing some marijuana at home

I bought a fifth of an ounce of marijuana from the medical marijuana dispensary. The price was $150 for a top-shelf flower product. I selected a strain called Gorilla Glue number 4. The hybrid is an amazing choice, because it doesn’t have a sedating effect, however gorilla Glue number 4 is absolutely 1 of the best hybrid strains. I was incredibly surprised plus stoked when I discovered a couple of seeds in our bag. I didn’t recognize if these seeds would germinate or not, but I wasn’t going to throw them into the garbage. I took each 1 of the seeds out of the marijuana flower plus I sited them inside a wet paper towel. I wrapped up the paper towel inside of a plastic bin plus I put the plastic bin in a warm but dry venue to sit for a few mornings. On afternoon eight, I began to notice the smallest little stems coming out from the seeds. I transplanted the seeds to some soil made for marijuana. A couple weeks later, I moved the plants to a brand new location. The plants were getting huge plus strong when I moved them. Their roots were growing plus they seemed as if they would be nice to transplant. Unfortunately, all various of the marijuana plants died soon after I transferred them to a bigger pot. I am not sure what I did wrong, however I am absolutely stoked that I didn’t pay for the seeds. I would have been much more angry if I had spent $150 on the seeds instead of getting them for free in a bin of weed.


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The best part about this place is legalized weed

My Dad wanted to move across the country when I was in the senior year of high college. My dad got a great new job offer that she could not turn down. I got really angry when I found out that we were going to move. I wanted to finish our senior year in the same college where I started taking classes. I didn’t want to leave our friends in the middle of the fall semester. My Dad felt so awful about the circumstances plus they offered to let me stay with our Grandparents so that I could finish our last few weeks of college. My Grandparents happily let me move into their home. After finishing school, I had to make a taxing decision. I could continue living with our Grandparents or I could jump on a plane plus move to the same state where both of our parents were living. It was a taxing choice to make. There are some things that made the decision a bit easier to make. One of those main things is the legality of marijuana in the state where our parents moved; Recreational plus medicinal marijuana are 100% legal. After I moved, I had access to legal marijuana any time that I wanted to. Legal marijuana is 1 of the largest reasons why I decided to move. I could have gone to college anywhere, however being closer to Dad made me recognize much safer! Having access to recreational marijuana made me recognize happier. I weighed my decision heavily before I finally chose to move across the country with our Dad.
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The dispensary bathroom has been shut down for weeks

The men’s bathroom at the pot shop has been closed for weeks. The pot shop director put a sign on the bathroom door that says it is out of service. At first, the director said it was closed because of covid. While everyone else in this city opened their bathrooms, the dispensary bathroom stayed closed! Customers started to ask why the bathroom was not open plus Beth, the dispensary director did not have any good reason. Beth simply told us that they were closed. Obviously both of us knew that with the sign on the bathroom door. It became a serious complication a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting in line to buy our cannabis order. There was a lady in the lobby with her children. One of the smaller children had to use the bathroom plus the dispensary director refused to open the bathroom door for the small child. That marijuana buyer got really angry plus started yelling plus screaming. Beth warned the lady that she would be asked to leave if she did not come down. This lady continued to yell plus scream about the bathroom plus the fact that it was closed. The lady even threatened to call the health department. I am not sure there is anything that the health department could do, although I would be curious to find out if the dispensary is chopping the law by not having the bathroom accessible to the patient’s inside of the dispensary. The dispensary is basically just a pharmacy, so they should have a bathroom that patients can access when there is any emergency.

Indica strains

The manufacturer had to recall all of the concentrate

Last Wednesday evening, both of us gained a brand new shipment of cannabis concentrate products from the manufacturer.

I still had plenty of other concentrates already on the floor, so I put the new boxes back in the storage room.

I planned to take them out on the weekend when the store was busier. I needed to promote a special venue for the new products on the side of the store where both of us normally keep all of the edible cannabis products. Not many mornings after that shipment had arrived, I gained a telephone call from the Distribution Center. The lady on the iphone needed to recognize if I had sold all of the products in the box. I told the lady on the iphone that I hadn’t even opened the boxes yet. She actually sounded really ecstatic when I told her that. She told me that the products were recalled due to a complication with mold plus contamination in the lab. The samples of marijuana concentrate had to be returned to the Distribution Center right away. Any lady that bought the items needed to be notified by telephone. I have never been so grateful in our life. If I had not waited to venue the marijuana concentrates on the Shelves, I would have been forced to make a lot of iphone calls to buyers. That was a really awkward conversation to have plus 1 that I am cheerful I was not forced to mate. Waiting to sell the products turned out to be a good decision. Several other dispensaries had buyers that got sick from the concentrates that had mold. Every one of us didn’t have to deal with that problem at all.

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During my photo shoots, I love being high

Photographs are a recognizable way to remember any outing or special occasion.

I have consistently appreciated the art of taking pics.

My Dad bought me a camera when I was 7 years old. I used that little camera every single afternoon to take dozens of pictures of our condo plus our friends and family. I took pics of creatures plus nature as well, when I was ancient enough to decide what I wanted to do with our life, I knew that our job should have something to do with taking pics or cameras. I went to college to learn more about photography plus art, but before I finished college, I was taking pics for the local paper, however nowadays, I take lots of unusual pics plus it is not only our activity, however also our job. I had a birthday photo shoot last weekend. The bride plus the groom both wanted to take some pictures at the beach plus after that I drove downtown to the lovely Spanish fort to take a couple of unusual shots. I spent various or various hours in the car, driving from 1 location to the next one. It was hot, so I was thankful for AC. During the photo shoots, I genuinely love being high. I appreciate to use a low-dose marijuana product when I am taking pics. The marijuana products make me recognize more creative plus they supply me a mild boost of energy. I consistently choose sativa strains. Sativa strains such as Blue Dream, orange crack, or Maui Wowie are perfect for afternoon use. I saved that heavy-hitting indicas for night time, when I genuinely need to get some good sleep.


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My number one favorite dispensary stocks so many edibles

They have cookies, cakes, brownies, plus pies

I think There are at least 2 dozen unusual marijuana dispensaries within the city limits. I frequent the medicinal plus recreational marijuana dispensaries often. I have been using marijuana daily for the past decade. I have consistently found it to be severely helpful when it comes to pain relief plus insomnia. I have been suffering from insomnia since I was a little kid. Even when our Dad plus dad made me go to bed by 8 p.m., I was still awake half the night unable to sleep. That’s 1 of the main reasons why the dentist agreed to supply me a prescription for medical marijuana. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping plus insomnia was 1 of the main reasons why a dentist would prescribe medicinal marijuana… First time I smoked a joint before bed, I didn’t recognize that I was going to be able to fall asleep. The joint made me recognize really hyperactive plus full of energy. I absolutely should not have smoked a sativa strain before going to bed. An Indica strain love OG kush for papaya is much better for nightly use. These Indica strains are recognizably grown for their medicinal benefits. Indica strains can help with pain relief, insomnia, plus even PTSD symptoms. There are a number of reasons why a person might use medicinal marijuana. There are also a number of dispensaries to choose from, however my number one fave dispensary stocks over 50 unusual types of Edibles. They have cookies, cakes, brownies, plus pies. They even have cannabis soda pop plus cold brew Starbucks Latte that is infused with marijuana. They have more options than any other venue in the region.


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