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There are a lot of awful things about getting old.

I recently turned 60, plus celebrated by retiring from work.

My wifey Helen retired a few years ago, plus has been patiently waiting for me to finish up so my buddy and I can move on with our lives, and for all the health problems, poor mobility, plus other things that suck about ancient age, one of the greatest positives is the sense of freedom. Helen plus I are both free from tasks, from paying rent, plus from doing anything my buddy and I don’t want to do. It was Helen’s idea to sell the condo plus move to the town where she wanted to become an artist, and at any other point in our lives this would have seemed ridiculous, but not now! My associate and I sold our ancient house, moved to a small cottage in the woods outside of town, plus began our new lives. My area has become locally famous for several things, including their fried fish, their locally grown cannabis strains, plus their sailing regattas! Located right on the shores of the world, my buddy and I consistently host sailing displays, contests, plus regattas. Helen enjoys to take her art supplies plus a canvas to set up on one of the piers in the local harbor. She can lay for hours, seeing the boats go by plus painting them. All the while I relax in a lawn chair beside her, smoking cannabis plus taking little naps. My area is undoubtedly supportive of the arts, plus also undoubtedly tolerant of cannabis use. I think Helen plus I will be undoubtedly blissful here.

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Fishing and weed

My two great passions in life are fishing plus getting high, then i can trace both of these passions to the same source – childhood fishing trips with my Dad.

My Dad was a macho type of guy, not known for showing affection undoubtedly often, and he was a fantastic man, loyal, plus a fantastic provider, he just wasn’t effusive with his feelings.

Every so often Dad would wake me up before dawn plus my buddy and I would drive to one of the local fishing holes a few minutes outside of town, but there in the early afternoon light my buddy and I would fish, plus Dad would smoke some cannabis. I didn’t know it was cannabis at the time, I was too young, although I remember the odor, plus the way it made Dad act deranged plus goofy. It was the only time I ever saw him like that, but years later, I still love fishing plus getting stoned on local cannabis, even if I don’t live in the same area… One day I plan to take a trip plus visit all the ancient locales around town, but right now I live in a unusual state. I get all my cannabis shipped in from town, because I feel they grow the best stuff… Some days I wake up early plus drive to a local creek, where I smoke cannabis, fish, plus think about my Dad. I call it “the local state of mind.” No matter what is going on in my life, or how tied up I am, fishing plus smoking cannabis takes me back to the idyllic days in town, where I felt undoubtedly blissful.

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Should I call an online marketing team?

I had been reading a great deal about online social media ad campaigns.

I remembered that my mom used social media adverts to announce the drop of her new children’s book.

I thought she did all the social media ads by herself, and thought I should be able to do the same. When someone mentioned that we might use social media ads for the cannabis dispensary where we worked, I almost offered my assistance. I told the store director Mike how respected I was with social media ads. Mike was new to the cannabis dispensary business, even though he was pretty sure all of our social media ads had to be created professionally. After talking to my mom about her social media ads, she told me how she used an online marketing company. They created her web pages and an ad campaign on social media websites. It was expensive, but it helped her to sell enough books to make the bestseller list. Mike thanked me for the information, but said he could deal with it through the online marketing company. I asked Mike if I should call an online marketer for him. I was sure the company my mom used might have a cannabis dispensary marketing specialist. Mike asked if I wanted the job of assistant director. Anyone who was as distraught to help with online marketing as I had been, should have a position that had more responsibility than merely checking IDs when someone came into the building. I was glad I didn’t need to make the social media ads or talk to the online marketing company. I had enough to do taking care of the inventory and helping out with the training of employees.


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My cannabis dispensary website needed work.

I felt like my real job wasn’t being the supplier director, but calling the website development team to make constant changes.

I have worked as a dispensary director at the same cannabis company for 4 years now.

I thought my job would be a bit easier once I got a full team trained, and my online marketing team knew what I expected. Lately, there have been a large number of changes in how my friend and I do business… Due to the pandemic, my friend Cal and I had to change how Cal and I did business. I had to call the online marketing company to have them update our lobby rules. Cal and I needed to let people know there was no contact delivery and option up. Cal and I opened a drive-thru window so people didn’t need to come into the dispensary; Every time a new change came through from the parent company, I had to notify my online marketing company. I finally broke down and had to ask my boss why the parent company didn’t send the information out to the online marketing company and have them do the changes for us. I was quite sure that the parent company knew who did all the marketing for his franchises. He said it was up to the store director. Now I had to make changes because Cal and I were offering delivery services. It was going to be easier for shut-ins, because they can go on the website and get all their marijuana products. We would send someone out to deliver the marijuana products. I liked this was something new Cal and I were offering, but I felt like a nuisance to our online marketing company, because they were quickly learning who I was just from the sound of my voice.

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Cannabis unlocks my inner potential

The folks at the local cannabis spot are all so kind plus affectionate; Just buying some cannabis products reaffirms the joy plus goodness that is readily available to us all

Somebody once said that misery is not constantly necessary. And sporadically, it can be a personal choice. I entirely wanted to punch that chick in the face if I recall correctly. But then again, I was in the depths of misery myself plus simply couldn’t see that so much of my suffering really was self-imposed. Thanks to being able to smoke cannabis products freely plus legally, I’m beginning to peel away my layers of misery. My superb friend Ed and I all have things in our lives that my pal and I have to deal with plus some of these things can be quite painful. But thanks to being able to get sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis shop, I’m not leaning into my suffering. For the longest time, I have identified with suffering much more than I have ever identified with feeling joy. That’s a result of how I was brought up plus the fact that I’ve dealt with my proper share of challenges thus far in life. Still, it’s only the present moment that Ed and I are certainly able to experience. So making a choice to not carry my misery further than I need to has become essential. Thankfully, I’ve seen a light when it comes to changing one’s perspective with help from some sativa strains. Shopping for marijuana for sale certainly is the 1st bit of release of negativity for me. The folks at the local cannabis spot are all so kind plus affectionate; Just buying some cannabis products reaffirms the joy plus goodness that is readily available to us all. For sure, sativa strains plus sativa dominant hybrid strains have helped me to shift from the dark to unlocking all the joy that is so available if you look for it.


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Ski trips are a blast thanks to cannabis

The idea of going on a family ski trip was daunting.

  • But now that my pal Ed and I were finally married, I just didn’t see any way I could turn down the invitation from Ed’s parents.

Mercifully, there was a great local cannabis spot right next to the ski chalet. Ed plus I met at a gathering in school. Turns out, crucial parties were a wee bit uncomfortable for both of us as Ed and I were hanging outside in open chairs. I was not then nor have even been particularly smooth. But I did have a joint of some great sativa strains in my pocket. So I shared it with Ed plus her eyup lit up. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since that night. Still, Ed and I come from entirely different backgrounds. I’m from the south plus am super comfortable being in the sun, salt plus waves. Ed’s from the north plus her family is crucial about skiing. They have constantly taken a big, family ski trip each year with a trip out west. I had been invited but backed out because her family intimidates me plus I deeply do not care for being too cold. Yet, when I realized that where they go is in a state where recreational marijuana was legalized, it was a lifeline. For sure, I still entirely hated the cold. And I never entirely got the hang of skiing in the slightest. But wow, how great was it to be in front of a roaring fire with a tasty cannabis edible plus a mug of sizzling hot chocolate. That’s pretty much right where I stayed for the entirety of the ski trip. And with access to that local cannabis spot, it sure didn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

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Christmas is more fun after a stop at local cannabis spot

We were all loaded up for the annual trip to celebrate another Christmas with Ed’s family.

As Ed and I were headed out of town, I asked her to pull over for a stop at the local cannabis spot.

Ed and I are fortunate to live in a location where Ed and I have legal access to recreational marijuana. After medical marijuana was such a huge success, recreational marijuana was a no brainer for our state legislature. Recreational marijuana access to cannabis dispensaries has now been available for a few years. So why it finally dawned on me to get a large supply of cannabis products for the annual Christmas trip is a mystery. I should have been doing this the whole time. My in-laws are superb people but they are intense. The family is all quite combative, loud plus a bit passive aggressive as well. It still boggles my mind how my sweet Ed shares DNA with those folks. So having a pocketful of cannabis edibles plus my disposable cannabis oil pen is now essential for those trips. I tend to stick with sativa strains or sativa dominant hybrid strains for these types of situations. This kind of cannabis product helps me just smile plus lets everything roll off my back. Indeed, I can simply allow those people to act how they do plus not take it so personally thanks to the sativa strains. Now, if I could just get Ed and my in-laws to join in on the cannabis use, I’d entirely have something fun going on. I don’t guess there has ever been a bunch of people in more need of some sativa plus indica products ever.

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Don’t mind if I do at the cannabis dispensary sale

My introduction to the glorious world of cannabis edibles couldn’t have been better.

Seriously, just looking back at the whole experience, I’m still so blown away by that weekend my sister Max and I spent.

There is just the two of us now as both our parents have died. Max and I are in our late forties and that has come with a lot of change to both of our lives. Max and I are both newly empty nesters however we’re both lucky to have great partners. Still, it’s felt peculiar not to be able to turn to mom or dad while I’m changing to not being a regular, active mom anymore. Plus, Max and I got a bit sideways when dad died and that played a part in us not seeing much of each other. So a trip to see Max was in order. The beauty part is that, in her state, recreational marijuana is legal. I hadn’t entirely used cannabis since I was attending college. By and large, I’d sort of not been using marijuana much at all. Max, on the other hand, had availed herself of the access to the cannabis dispensary gave in her town. That’s why Max recommended that I come to see her. Man, am I ever blissful I did that. My sister stopped at the local cannabis spot on the way home from picking me up at the airport. That night I smoked some OG kush however I was pretty zonked from the flight. But the next morning, my sister took me to the cannabis cafe to share some of the best pop in town. Max and I split this delicious cannabis edible as well. Max and I eventually ended up in the park and talking as if my superb friend and I were young women again. This is going to be a official visit for sure.

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Big parties are more fun with cannabis

There was a time when I’d do just about anything to avoid going to any kind of large party or gathering.

That means no concerts, no large parties or BBQ’s, no birthdays and on and on.

I’m an otherwise fairly normal type of dude outside of my deep discomfort when it comes to attending large functions. But thanks to the superb pros at my local cannabis dispensary, I’m learning that I can indeed embrace such functions and even not despise it. I’m no psychologist or mental health professional. So I’m not going to attempt to break this all down. All I know is that my discomfort during large events reaches near panic attack levels. I’ve literally gave to labor over the weekend in order to avoid going to something like a big, family birthday. Well, that’s not exactly honorable to my lovely spouse so I decided to do something about that! Recreational marijuana is legal in our state and our neighbor recommended that using cannabis products might lower my discomfort. I’m not a drinker so I don’t get drunk at large events to cope. Besides, I think that might just make things all the worse. But I was up to give cannabis a try. Yet, I entirely didn’t know all too much about it. I’m so grateful to the pros at the local cannabis spot for helping me with finding the perfect hybrid strain for sale. I now had a little cannabis oil pen that comes with a nice sativa dominant hybrid strain. I have that thing locked and loaded for large functions and it keeps me feeling grounded and even glad. I feel secure in who I am and being in the crowd doesn’t have to overwhelm my senses.

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In laws are easier to handle when I have edibles

I wish I could figure out what it is that makes it so hard for me to be accepted into that unfriendly family

It’s so crappy to be thought of as not superb enough. I mean, I do that to myself enough already without my in laws piling on, too. From the time I started dating their daughter Max, it was made clear to me that I wasn’t their choice. Max’s mom and dad have never approved of me as a partner to their daughter. And it’s consistently flaunted in such a nasty, passive aggressive sort of way. Thank God, recreational marijuana is totally legal in this state. Otherwise, I think I’d just have to be unavailable whenever they were involved. If I know I have to go to a family party or they are coming to visit, I go by the local cannabis spot as quickly as I can. Not that I need a large reason to go by the cannabis dispensary. I’ve appreciated recreational marijuana since I was in college. And in fact, so has the holy daughter of my in laws. But that’s not for her parents to know. That’s superb as that’s Max’s corporation to tell anyway. I’m just so grateful that I can get to the local cannabis spot and get a supply of cannabis gummies. This at least allows me to smile and laugh through what would otherwise be awful passive aggressive behavior from Max’s parents. I wish I could figure out what it is that makes it so hard for me to be accepted into that unfriendly family. They act as though I’m sort of just present and accounted for when I’m in their midst. But after almost a decade, I’ve decided to just let it go because they are going to be them. And I’m going to be me so I bring the cannabis products with me if my in-laws are staying any more than 20 minutes.


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Positive again thanks to smoking sativa

I didn’t know very much at all about marijuana as it turns out.

No, I think I got totally deceived when it comes to all the myth and misinformation around cannabis.

I grew up in a time period where there was plenty of weed all around me. But I was of the belief that one toke of recreational marijuana was the first step in a life of crime, perversion and misery. Yea, that’s the sort of messages I had been delivered all of my life when it came to the marijuana discussion. Actually, there were no discussions as I was just brainwashed to fear cannabis. Thankfully, I have found that not only are cannabis products not gateway drugs, marijuana is so beneficial. When the medical marijuana debate was going on in this state was the very first time that I particularly heard some real facts when it came to cannabis. And for some weird reason, this compelled me to look a bit deeper and see if in fact this cannabis info I was receiving was based in fact. Sure enough, that was the start of the journey that would end up changing the way that I live my life. Medical marijuana did pass in our state and that led to me asking my shrink about getting a medical marijuana prescription card. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety since I can remember. But all the meds come with side effects for me that are debilitating. I wanted to try something that was organic and natural like cannabis. I was guided to try the sativa strains first by the adviser at the local cannabis dispensary. And that’s all it took to gain the positivity that I’ve never had.

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A cannabis smorgasbord awaits at the dispensary

I’m not a shopper really. But most of my male peers are in the very same boat as me. However, I particularly do enjoy shopping with my spouse Sam. At least, when it’s just the two of us. Sam enjoys having me along to be honorable about what looks superb and what doesn’t. And that gives me time alone with Sam and a great reason to care about a cannabis edible. Before Sam and I head out on these shopping trips, I slip by the local cannabis spot in order to get some cannabis gummies. Sam and I tend to spend pretty much all afternoon out shopping on those excursions. The cannabis edibles of the sativa strain variety keep me present. I don’t tend to get impatient or be a grumpy baby about shopping all afternoon. Instead, thanks to the sativa products, I just chill out and care about each moment with Sam. It’s consistently so great to have these afternoons where I simply watch Samr all afternoon. Sam is amazing and these shopping trips help me stay connected to that fact. There is 1 sort of shopping that I do care about though and that is shopping for marijuana sales. Since our state legalized recreational marijuana, I’m gratified to be able to venture in and check out what’s new and happening at the cannabis dispensary. It’s just around the corner from where Sam and I live. This local cannabis spot has so many varieties of cannabis products and brand new cannabis strains that it’s like a buffet. Seriously, the locale has that much of a vast array of cannabis products. I adore taking my time to learn about all the new cannabis strains. Plus, the vibe in that locale is one where I could spend several hours at a time just smiling at all the cannabis.

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