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The rest of my day was uneventful

New episodes of my favorite TV show were released yesterday and I stayed up all night to watch the new episodes.

I was starting to get tired at 2:00 a.m., so I smoked a big bowl of Jack Herer flower.

Jack Herer is one of my favorite cannabis strains. It is a sativa dominant strain known for providing an uplifting and relaxing feeling. I was hoping the Jack Herer sativa strain would give me enough energy to finish the last two episodes before I went to bed. The Jack Herer flower made me feel more awake, but I had the munchies too. I ate a pint of ice cream and a whole bag of Cheetos while I watched the last two episodes of my favorite show. When the program ended, I laid down in bed for a couple of hours of sleep. When the alarm started ringing at 6:00, I wanted to hit snooze. I knew that was a dangerous thing to do, because I have a tendency to sleep through the second alarm. I still had some Jack Herer flower and a bowl next to the bed. I finished the bowl of marijuana and I had a nice buzz. I took a shower and had some breakfast. By the time I got ready to leave the house, my buzz was almost gone. I smoked a little bit more Jack Herer marijuana before leaving. I was tired all morning, but the rest of my day was fairly uneventful. I picked a good night to stay up late watching television.




I got to pick between candy or flower for my free gift

I ordered marijuana products from a brand new dispensary.

Every first time patient qualified for a sale and free giveaway.

I received 20% off my entire order because I was a first time cannabis patient. I also received a free gift with my purchase. I had the option of choosing two tangerine flavored THC hard candies or one half gram pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. It was tough to choose between the flower and the candy. I wanted to get the half gram pre-roll, but my girlfriend really wanted to try that tangerine edibles. We got two edibles for a penny with our order. As soon as the marijuana delivery driver arrived with our stuff, my girlfriend and I immediately ate one of the candies. It had 20 mg of thc. I didn’t feel anything at first, but an hour later I started to giggle for no reason. I knew laughter was a side effect from the marijuana edibles. By the time I started to feel something, my girlfriend was starting to feel high as well. Both of us agree that the edibles were a good choice for our free gift. Next time we order from the same dispensary, we might even splurge and buy the edibles. Not only did they taste good, but the high was relaxing and fun. I’m really happy that my girlfriend and I live in a state where recreational marijuana sales are legal. Recreational marijuana is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. It doesn’t make me feel groggy or hungover in the morning and marijuana is not habit forming like some other recreational drugs and alcohol.

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I like to buy edibles for work

My doctor suggested edible marijuana products when I told him that I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. He asked me when the anxiety and panic attacks were occurring and I told him most frequently at work. He suggested medical marijuana to deal with these awful symptoms. I chose an edible marijuana product, because it is discreet and easy to use at work. It’s not as if I can light up a joint outside with everyone else when they are smoking cigarettes. I needed to find a way to use medical marijuana and still be discreet. Edibles were the best way to get high during work without alerting the whole staff and crew that I was using marijuana. Edible marijuana products come in a variety of flavors. They can be gummies, candy, chocolate, cookies, cakes, and even infused beverages. There’s no limit to the ways that marijuana can be ingested into the body. In the morning before I go to work, I smoke a bowl of marijuana flour at home. The rest of the day I use the edible marijuana products. I eat candy most of the day and I only use medicated sweets when I am at work. The panic attacks and stress at work have been greatly reduced thanks to edible marijuana products. I even find myself offering to do extra projects for the boss when he needs things completed. It’s as if I have a ton of extra energy now that I no longer feel the same amount of stress at work. It almost feels like I got a new job.

Marijuana dispensary

Marijuana sales have been crazy high since legalization

I started working at a medical marijuana clinic 2 years ago.

I was a medical marijuana patient myself and that’s how I ended up with a job at the dispensary.

There was a hiring sign in the lobby one day when I went to the marijuana store to buy medical products. I inquired about the job and filled out an application on the same day. Two days later, I received a phone call from the marijuana dispensary manager. I gave my old job two weeks’ notice when I was hired. There was no way I was going to give up a chance to work in the medical marijuana clinic. The store is busy with people all of the time. Things have been especially hectic since the laws changed and recreational marijuana is now legal. We have twice as much stock coming to the store each week and we are consistently out of products. Marijuana sales have been crazy high since legalization took place. There are more and more dispensaries popping up in the city too. I don’t believe the extra dispensaries will hurt our business, because we have the lowest prices in the city. Still, it will be interesting to see what happens when this particular marijuana dispensary has competition. Right now we are the only place in the neighborhood. All of that will change when the new store opens for business in the fall.The owner of this business is ready for the competition. He already has advertising ideas and incentives set up for repeat customers to return to our store.


The shake was ground up fine and it was easy to fill the cones

I ordered marijuana from a brand new dispensary downtown.

The place was having a sale for all of the first time orders.

First time orders received a discount of 30%. I looked at the online menu. I found a lot of items that looked interesting. Since there was a 30% off sale, I ordered a couple of different items. One of the marijuana products that I ordered was a flower product called shake. The shake was ground up very finely into a dusty powder. The powder was testing at a whopping 37% thc. A whole half ounce of the shake was only $25. I usually spend that much on an eighth of marijuana. I purchased a half ounce of Blue Dream Shake and a half ounce of Legend OG shake. The blue dream was testing at 37%, and the legend OG Shake was testing at 35%. I bought three packs of cones at a smoke shop on my way home. As soon as I got to my apartment, I got out the shake and opened the package. The smell of marijuana was very strong. I emptied the contents of the package onto the table. The marijuana bud was ground up fine. The product resembled coffee grounds. It was really easy to fill the cones with the marijuana shake. I barely had to do any work at all. The cones filled very easily and the marijuana was smooth and flavorful. I didn’t cough at all while smoking the joint. The Legend OG product was just as nice as the blue dream.

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The cannabis shop driver forgot my free preroll

I have been using recreational marijuana products for a year and a half.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in this state about 5 years ago. I didn’t start using recreational marijuana products right away. I did not know that they would be helpful to me until I went to the doctor for a regular checkup. I mentioned recreational marijuana to my doctor and she thought it was a good idea to help with my anxiety and stress levels. The doctor offered to write me a prescription, but it wasn’t necessary because recreational marijuana was legal in the state. After I realized that marijuana was going to be able to help me, I went back to the doctor to discuss a prescription for medical marijuana. The taxes on medical marijuana are much lower than the taxes on recreational marijuana sales. I save about 30% on my order, just because I don’t have to pay any of the extra taxes. I still try to go to the dispensary when they have sales and specials. I spend about $100 every 2 weeks. When I can get the products on sale, sometimes that bill can be cut in half. I purchased some really nice blue dream flower from the dispensary last week. Blue Dream is one of my favorite sativa strains. It tastes like blueberries and has a very nice relaxing and calm effect. It is perfect for sitting around the house with a glass of wine and a good book. It was 30% off the retail price. The top shelf flower was cheaper than some of the lower tiered items after the sale.


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Getting stoned means being a bit discreet

There are several things that honestly make me feel like a bad person. There were lots of things that I would do exclusively like play golf in addition to get stoned. Not all of these things are the type of activities that you can do at the same time. Not everyone can get high and smoke at the same time. I believe it is absolutely necessary in order to kill two birds with one stone. Golfers have etiquette in addition to rules. They sure will have a quiet drink while out on the golf course and consider this to be reasonable. If you are completely drunk in addition to making a scene, this can be grounds for getting barred. Many golfers do not smoke on the golf course and second hand smoke is something that is frowned upon. There are signs all over the place stating no nicotine or cigarettes at all are available. My friends and I secretly know this means marijuana too, but they chose not to put it on the parking sign. A vape pen or something that I feel eliminates all of this trouble and would keep us from constantly having to go in and out of the place. Some vape pens are made to get rid of their smoked easily. During the last time when another golfer was showing me the vape pen, I pulled out mine from my pocket and introduced the guy to the Edibles. Both of us were trying to get medicated on the club flooring. As soon as both of us realize we were both trying to do the same thing, everything really came together.
Local cannabis cafe

I had the coolest night at work

I’ve told a lot of people about many of the amazing experiences that I have from time to time. I’ve even told some people that I worked at a marijuana dispensary. I decided to save the very best of the stories that I have for the very last bit of information. The event occurred five weeks ago in addition to the fact that this is the first time I have spoken about it out loud. I haven’t even blocked or put anything on my social media about what happened. The people I was with in addition to myself were working on a Friday night. We were just getting ready to close up the shop for the night when a large bus pulled into the parking lot. It looks like a tour bus or a large recreational vehicle. The people I was with in addition to myself were very surprised to see that the person driving the bus turned out to be Snoop Dogg. The cannabis dispensary honestly sells cannabis strains that are part of Snoop Dogg’s repertoire. The guy was humble in addition to completely down to earth and Snoop Dogg desperately was hoping to resupply the whole tour bus. The people I was with in addition to myself listened to everything that he said they needed and then we provided as much of the products as we could. By the time we were done, my wife and I knew their names. The guy had about 50 pictures in his wallet.



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The marijuana joint was a two gram beauty

When the two of us play parties, the two of us usually have a person that rolls joints all night.

The people I was with as well as myself regularly enjoy being high but the two of us hate rolling up any of the joints. I don’t think there’s anyone that enjoys rolling the joints. It’s important to get rid of this damn and also the seeds and then grind everything up. When you carefully twist the joint, it seems to be a lot of work. The two of us made this the total punishment for the next time that we play cards. I’m glad the dispensary down South some pre-rolls and this is quite a punishment for the loser. I’m one level I assume that it can be a rip off. The same way of cannabis would cost at least twice as much as the pre-rolled joints. The people I was with in addition to myself are not idiots for buying pre-rolls and you could be right that I sucked but I’m really not paying for cannabis, I want the convenience. Rolling a joint is really one great way to smoke but I don’t want to switch to vaping. Because I like the taste and smell of the marijuana, it would be much easier just to have a product that tasted exactly like it should. The people I was with in addition to myself have multiple friends that use cannabis oil and it can be much cheaper than buying a few grams of flowers. If I had any want for a vape pen at all, I would probably appreciate the taste as well as the aroma.

THC content

My dream task is a lot of fun

Did you assume there is a person working for Snoop Dogg that just sits around and rolls joints.

It is actually insane when you think about it, because there is a guy that gets paid more than minimum wage to hang out with Snoop and rolled joints for that guy.

I want to know how I can get that job for me. I was never very good at rolling joints until a couple of years ago when I bought a machine. The machine makes it a lot easier to roll joints that are of different sizes. I can grow and package marijuana joints that are 1 g, 2 g, and half gram in size. Now I access a cannabis dispensary and the people I was with in addition to myself rarely have to worry about the Cannabis Edibles and flower products that are cheap. Being in the dispensary means I can buy pre-rolled marijuana joints anytime I want to. Some of these items are pretty expensive, and other items are relatively cheap. When the people I was with in addition to myself have to be at our tests all morning, these are the good times when we are pleasantly happy to have a little bit of marijuana the day and the night time. As soon as the people I was with in addition to myself get home as well as want to relax, we roll up a joint and begin to smoke it. Nobody is going to tell me what I can and cannot do at home.



Cannabis for treating psoriasis

I’ve had issues with psoriasis on my elbows and knees for approximately thirty years. When the skin condition first showed up, I thought it was something that would go away on its own. I treated it with over-the-counter ointments targeted at eczema. Eventually, when the redness, itching and scales worsened, I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with psoriasis. I’d never heard of the disease before. There is no known cause or cure for psoriasis. I am fortunate that the rash is restricted to my elbows and knees. Prescription medications for psoriasis are extremely expensive and only temporarily effective. Any relief is short-lived. I was resigned to dealing with the discomfort, pain and embarrassment of it when a friend of mine suggested I try cannabis. At that time, I wasn’t aware that cannabis was effective at treating anything but chemotherapy symptoms. I didn’t realize there are a wide range of consumption methods and options that cause no psychoactive effects. When I visited the dispensary I was completely amazed at their selection. I consulted with the budtender who recommended a combination of topicals and tinctures that are high in CBD, include CBN and are low in THC. The topical ointments are applied directly to the psoriasis. The tincture is placed under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream. I am able to treat the psoriasis from the inside and outside. While my knees and elbows are so badly scarred that the skin will always be slightly discolored, the cannabis products have eliminated the itching, soreness and redness. Because it is a natural remedy, there are no harmful side effects.



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Learning to look for good bud

The thicker the bud, the better it is

Before heading to the cannabis dispensary to shop for smokable flower, I wanted to familiarize myself with common terms. Flower refers to the dried and cured female cannabis plant’s blooms. They are sometimes called buds or nugs. The flower are normally intoxicating because of the level of THC. The percentages of THC indicate the intensity of psychoactive effects. There are strains of flowers with lower THC levels and higher CBD content. Those strains aren’t as potent yet provide beneficial curative properties. There are lots of different cannabis strains on the market, and each one offers unique characteristics. When shopping for flower, it’s important to know good weed from bad. One of the factors to consider is the trichomes. They are very tiny, mushroom-shaped crystals that coat the surface of the bud. The more trichomes, the higher the THC content. Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that directly impact potency, flavor and effects. Weed that has been properly dried and cured will present a dense coating of trichomes. The flower will look green in color, maybe with flecks of purple or orange. There should be plenty of orange hairs. Those pistils evidence a well pollinated and mature plant. If the weed looks brown, it won’t be as good. It might even contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. If there is any sign of mold or bugs, it’s best to avoid it. Most dispensaries are very careful in the quality of their flower and the products are lab-tested and third-party verified. Premier flower will have very few sticks and stems and no seed. The thicker the bud, the better it is. I’ve learned to look for a well-trimmed flower without extra leaves.



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