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I told the pharmacist I wanted a product that was mostly CBD.

The first time I walked into the marijuana dispensary, I talked to a pharmacist.

I told her why I was getting medical marijuana. I explained about the pain I had ever since I had my hip replacement. It had become chronic and although the pain was less than it was; it was still there and not going away soon. The doctor told me he could replace the bad joint, but he couldn’t cure the arthritis. I was hoping I would get rid of the pain, but that wasn’t happening. I talked to my doctor and asked what I could take that wasn’t narcotics or other drugs. He told me I could try CBD. If I used CBD, he said he wanted me to get it at the marijuana dispensary and not in a convenience store. I went to the marijuana dispensary about a week later, and I told the pharmacist what the doctor said. He gave me a product that was almost full of CBD with just 2%THC. He said the CBD was about as pure as you could get it, unless it was Hemp CBD, which wasn’t a true marijuana plant. I bought the CBD products, which although it was expensive, the pharmacist said it would help with the pain. That one CBD product lasted longer than what the other medication was, and in the long run, it was cheaper and better for me. I was grateful the doctor gave me all the information he could to make a decision that was right for me.


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I bought my CBD products at the marijuana dispensary.

I had been going to the medical marijuana dispensary for almost two years before I realized they sold CBD there.

When I started going to the medical marijuana dispensary, I had to get a medical marijuana ID.

Now I found out that I can purchase CBD at the marijuana dispensary. I found out, over the last two years, that higher amounts of CBD worked better for me than the higher amounts of TCH. I hoped CBD would be cheaper in the marijuana dispensary, but I was wrong. I could buy the same product at almost half the price. CBD is just as expensive as regular THC laden marijuana. Although both are good for medical reasons, CBD seems to target only the place where you have pain. I asked the pharmacist at the dispensary why CBD was more expensive in the dispensary than at the pharmacy. She told me they had higher quality product. All CBD and THC products were grown and processed in the state where you live. All growers need to follow statewide regulations and laws as set by the state. When I found out how it needed to be purified before being sold, I no longer bought my CBD at the family pharmacy, but I bought it from the local marijuana dispensary. I wanted to make sure that whatever I put in my body was pure and natural. My friend told me I was wasting too much money by going to the marijuana dispensary. I shrugged her statement off, because it was her opinion. She thought I was dismissing her and walked out.


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My daughter gave me CBD gummies to help with leg cramps.

My daughter bought some gummies at the pharmacy and told me to try them.

My daughter had been using medical marijuana for about two years. She had migraines that were debilitating and it nearly cost her, her family. She went to a neurologist who offered her some spinal shots, but she wanted nothing that was induced into her spine. The neurologist gave her the name of the pain management clinic, and she took all the classes they offered, even before she talked to the doctor. His last visit had her convinced there products out there that didn’t include medicines or injections. When she talked to the pain doctor, he gave her one more thing to try. Dr. Majah asked if I had ever thought about using medical marijuana. He said marijuana was a plant found in nature and had been used as long as people have been on this earth. He told her that if she didn’t want the potent marijuana; he suggested she try CBD.. CBD may not stop the pain totally, but it would help to lessen the pain and the time they existed. When my daughters found out I was having leg cramps that kept me awake all night, she told me I had RLS, restless leg syndrome. One girl she met at the marijuana dispensary told her she had a single leg cramp since using CBD. My daughter bought some gummies at the pharmacy and told me to try them. I was hesitant to try something that was originally illegal, but was now legal, but I had to get some sleep. I accepted the CBD gummies and ate one that night. I couldn’t believe that after only two weeks, my leg cramps were completely gone.


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Since I found CBD, my headaches are nearly nonexistent.

I have been prone to headaches for quite some time now. My doctor told me they were from my eyes, but even with my glasses, I still get headaches. My doctor told me about some medications I could use and even suggested I try Botox to stop the headaches. I wasn’t sure I wanted any kind of injection in my head, neck, or back. I talked to a good friend, and she suggested I try CBD. She told me she had severe pain from arthritis and since she started using CBD; the pain was all but gone. The pain doctor told her she would always have arthritis, but CBD would make it more tolerable. The next day, after talking to her, I went to the pharmacy and bought some CBD. I asked the pharmacist how much I should use. She told me to start with a half a gummy and slowly work my way up to the full gummy and even two. She assured me the CBD gummies would not get me high, but it would help ease pain. After two weeks of religiously using the CBD, I saw a change in the severity of my headaches and the amount of headaches I was having. I am eager to see if my headaches will continue to lower in severity and a longer lapse of time in between. I don’t care what people tell me about using CBD. I know it is legal, and I also find that it works better than any drug the doctor has given me. CBD is better than getting shots in my head and neck to stop the pain. I’m not afraid of using CBD.


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What is the difference between CBD and THC?

I was talking to my doctor the other day, and I asked him what was the difference between CBD and THC? My doctor gave me an odd look and wanted to know why I asked.

I told him I was thinking about trying CBD and foregoing the prescription drug I had been taking for the past twenty years.

I was already weaning myself off the drug, but without it, I having a lot of trouble walking. My legs get weak and I am in pain. I tried to tell him I looked into CBD and THC, but I wanted to get his opinion on top of using my knowledge. Instead of getting his opinion, I ended up getting a lecture about lowering the amount of medicine he had recommended for me. I tried to tell him how it was making me dizzy and at night I would see things. He completely ignored me, wanting to use CBD, and told me it wasn’t safe for me to quit using the drug. I was weaning myself off it. I was not just quitting taking the drug. He told me that CBD may not be legal, but it also wasn’t FDA approved and he couldn’t tell me to use CBD knowing this information. I told him that the things that go into my body should also be approved by me and I was tired of taking medication that helped one thing that caused problems with another. I was going to wean myself off his medications and start using CBD. He told me he wouldn’t prescribe the medicine again if I quit taking it now.



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Our pharmacy had a new owner, and a new inventory.

Last month, our pharmacy got a new owner.

She was the head pharmacist ever since the pharmacy opened, and she finally had time to take over ownership of the pharmacy.

Along with her having new ownership, she also put in a new inventory. Along with quite a few personal items, she also included a counter for CBD products. It surprised me when I walked into the pharmacy and saw the CBD products, but it was a pleasant surprise. I know many people who have talked about CBD, and actually got a medical marijuana ID card so they could purchase CBD at the marijuana dispensaries. With safe CBD being sold at the pharmacy, people were more apt to purchase the product knowing that the pharmacy is a safe place. The pharmacy I go to serves the elderly. I saw one older lady asking about the CBD Gummies, and she was looking all around to see if someone was listening to her. After having the CBD pulled out of the cabinet for her, she then noticed they had CBD for dogs. It thrilled her to know that she could get CBD to help her dog who is suffering from dysplasia. When they told her the price, she said she couldn’t care less what it cost. If she could get CBD for her puppy and make sure he was feeling better, she was okay with paying any amounts of money they asked for. She took her puppy CBD home with her, and I was told she called the next day. Emily told me that after the first dose of CBD, her puppy was already walking better.

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I had to consult a cannabis business marketing service.

With the onset of legal recreational marijuana getting closer, the ball game was going to change drastically, and I had to know both sides of the law

I was considering opening a local cannabis dispensary. I had been dreaming of the day when marijuana would be legalized in our area, and I wanted to be in on the ground floor. Even though the state had only legalized medical marijuana, I knew the time would come when they would legalize recreational marijuana, and I wanted to be ready. I wasn’t sure if the cannabis dispensary would still be bound by the laws of the state, but I was sure it would be. I talked to a friend who worked at the local dispensary and asked his opinion on what I should do first, to get my business up and running. He recommended I consult a cannabis business marketing service. The marketing service would help me get my applications in order and show me the proper ways to market my cannabis dispensary. He told me I had to know all the laws and keep up with the changes as the laws changed. With the onset of legal recreational marijuana getting closer, the ball game was going to change drastically, and I had to know both sides of the law. He was under the assumption they would still take medical marijuana cards and giving them lower prices, but the inventory for a medical marijuana user would be different. Without the help of a cannabis consulting service company or a cannabis business marketing service, my business would never succeed. He told me my first step would need to be the cannabis consulting service, and with their help, I would get all the steps laid out and be on my way to being a cannabis dispensary owner.


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Holistic health made me feel good about marijuana use.

Last month, my husband and I went to talk to a pain management doctor.

We walked into the clinic in had to go through orientation in before we could talk to the doctor.

When the pain management doctor came out took me into his office, he started looking at my shoulder, and talked about the type of shots he could put into it. He told me eventually it would lead to surgery, even though he had not even taken any x-rays. Within five minutes, he went from discussing needles and surgery to discussing holistic health. He asked my husband if he had ever heard of a natural way to heal that didn’t include traditional medicine and cutting. He said many of his patients did not respond well to the shots, and he would suggest marijuana to them. He knew many people did not believe in a holistic health lifestyle, and if he were to mention using marijuana to them, some of them would probably other go ballistic or faint. My husband told him he had no problem with living a holistic lifestyle, but he was worried about the fact that marijuana was not legal. The doctors said they had recently passed medical marijuana legalization laws, and he was qualified to give the recommendation for people to get a medical marijuana card. My husband and I said that we would go home and talk abut this alternative holistic health method, before deciding.I thought a holistic, healthy lifestyle could be good for both of us, but I was more interested in him getting relief from his gout from the marijuana.
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I never thought I would use medical marijuana.

If someone had told me forty years ago that I would turn sixty-five and become a user of medical marijuana, I would have told them they were delusional.

  • When I was in my 20s, 30s, and even 40s, I never considered that I would one day be retired and/or be using medical marijuana.

I was healthy and had four kids by the time I was 30. I suffered the normal aches and pains of having broken an ankle twice, a knee once, and an elbow once, but I never thought it would incapacitate me enough to want to use medical marijuana. Of course, when I was in my 20s, 30s, or 40s, I never even considered medical marijuana as being legal. Marijuana was always an illegal substance that people knew existed, but didn’t try. At least, the people I ran around with didn’t try marijuana. When one of my friends asked me how I was feeling with medical marijuana, I told them I was feeling fine. To be honest, I was feeling better than I had for almost 10 years. When my husband and I had a car accident, and I had suffered some serious damage, nothing was making the pain go away. My doctor suggested medical marijuana, and I wasn’t hearing it. There was no way I wanted to use marijuana, but he finally convinced me it was marijuana that used to help with the chronic pain I suffered. I may have never imagined myself using medical marijuana, but I also never thought that marijuana in any form would be legalized.

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Everyone I knew that legalizing medical marijuana was a good thing.

About five years ago, they legalize medical marijuana in our state.

Everyone I knew thought that legalizing medical marijuana was a good thing.

Many of the guys we had gone to school with had served in Vietnam and other foreign wars. Some of our sons had been in foreign wars in the mid-to-late 1990s. Nearly everyone I knew who had been in a war came back with some kind of depression, physical ailment, or social problem. When we found out they were going to legalize medical marijuana, we all thought the state was finally looking at people with these kinds of mental, physical, or emotional problems. We hoped were finally being recognized as having a disability]and finally being accepted into society. Fast forward five years, and the same people who were happy to see medical marijuana legalized were now arguing over having legalized recreational marijuana. I felt that the few people who had fallen through the cracks of getting medical marijuana could finally be able to purchase legal recreational marijuana and self medicate themselves as so many people do with aspirin, acetaminophen, and other over-the-counter drugs. Unfortunately, I was in the minority. Many of those who thought medical marijuana was a good thing suddenly thought that any kind of marijuana use should be illegal. Seems that those same few who are now fighting any kind of legal marijuana are the same ones who used illegal marijuana many years ago. My friend wanted to remind them of their transgressions all those years ago, but she was afraid it would only harden them more.

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My husband’s mood had been really foul.

Over the last couple months, I had noticed my husband’s mood was changing.

He would be in a good mood in the morning, but by midafternoon, he would be angry.

His mood was getting so foul that I was afraid to leave him home with the kids when I went to work. I was talking to my sister, who is a nurse at the local trauma center, and she said it sounded to her like he had depression. She knew my husband had a diagnosis of ADHD when he was a young child, and he had been on the same medication ever since. Lately, that medication was not working well for him, and that is when the depression started. We went to his family physician and discussed everything that was happening with his attitude and the depression with him. The doctor said he was going to take his medication off him over the next six weeks, and in the meantime, he wanted us to work on getting a medical marijuana ID card form. He said that medical marijuana was changing many people’s lives by helping them with their ADHD, depression, and other medical symptoms. They were finding more focus and less manic moods. I’m truly hoping that medical marijuana will help with the ADHD, and stop his temper and bouts of depression. His bouts of depression are ruining our family life. When the doctor talked about medical marijuana, my husband got quiet, but I knew he was taking it seriously. He didn’t like how he felt anymore than we liked how he acted out.

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The doctor’s pain pills weren’t working.

The pain pills the doctor was prescribing for my husband were no longer working.

He was already taking nearly the highest dose possible, and two months earlier, the doctor had added another pill for him.

When we went back to his doctor, I commented on how my husband was still in severe pain, but would not up the amount of pain pills he was taking. My husband was afraid of becoming addicted to the painkillers, which seemed to be more possible every couple of months when the doctor upped the dosage. Now that he wanted to add another painkiller, my husband said no. My husband slowly weaned himself off the pain pills, and we needed something else for him. I talked to my doctor about painkillers, and he recommended I try medical marijuana. Ever since I had broken my thigh bone, I had been having difficulty walking and my doctor had reckoned mended medical marijuana for me. He told me that if I wanted to bring my husband and, he would it address the situation, and consider him a candidate for medical marijuana. Within six weeks of talking to my doctor, my husband had a medical marijuana ID card. We went into the cannabis dispensary, and he had to talk to the pharmacist. They gave him the same 4:1 CBD/THC product that I was using. The best part of this whole marijuana situation is that either of us can be in town and stop and pick up medical marijuana for both of us. I won’t be the only one who can go into the medical marijuana dispensary and make a purchase.


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