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Getting back into recreational weed

Of course the recreational cannabis store was going to be out in the open, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana was legal in our state I made a new friend at work a few ago. We had a project due in the next couple of weeks, and even though it was huge and stressful, my new […]

I love my job as a cannabis delivery driver

Thank goodness the Winter months are coming! When the weather turns cold, trade picks up for those of us in the weed delivery business… Please don’t call me a “delivery guy” which is degrading, because I am a grown man who’s chosen profession happens to be delivering things to people. I started by delivering pizzas […]

A big wide world of cannabis products

I finally have access to a local cannabis dispensary in addition to can join the revolution of amazing weed products! I won’t complain, because ever since I was at the university I have smoked weed almost every single day of my life. It didn’t matter that it was illegal, because I had a link, who’s […]

I ran into an ex at my dispensary

My cannabis dispensary is part of a nationwide chain, so I run the locale although I don’t own a stake in it! Last week I was covering a late shift for 1 of our budtenders, in addition to know who came strolling into the cannabis dispensary? That’s right, it was Max. Twelve years ago I […]

Thank the good lord for cannabis

At long last I have a safe in addition to a legal place to access the cannabis I need. Depending on where you live in this country, it might be seasoned news to you. Some states have had legal medical cannabis for many years now, but in other sites it’s still brand new. My wife […]

I had to Get political about cannabis

I have never felt politically about weed, I just like smoking it. When I heard that legalization would be on the ballot during the next election, I decided to get politically active for the first time in our life. This was not simply a matter of our own personal convenience, this was also about things […]

Getting back into recreational weed

I made a up-to-date acquaintance at work a few ago, however the two of us had a project due in the next couple of weeks, plus even though it was sizable plus stressful, my up-to-date acquaintance did not seem bothered at all! I’ve known he was a relaxed person, however it just amazed myself and […]

Getting back into recreational weed

I made a modern friend at toil a few ago, and both of us had a project due in the next couple of weeks, in addition to even though it was huge in addition to stressful, our modern friend did not seem bothered at all, and i’ve known she was a relaxed person, but it […]